18 Maret 2010


He sees me as if he knew me well. Who is he? I said to my self.
When he comes and gives his smile i feel something strange.
What does he mean exactly?
Have we meet before? Or there is something else he wants from me?

When I'm still arguing it in my head, suddenly he ask me ," Do you still lonely?"
What? His question surprised me.
" I see two man who love you. Trying to get your attention but you never realize it."

Whoaaaa...is that so?
How cool i am?
How pity that man!
" I dont believe this. I never think about it before. If its true, actually what they see on me.  Look at me? I am just ordinary girl who love sendal jepit. Hihihihihi..." I keep that words in my head.

Too bad, before I ask him about it he walks away. Just walk away. Without saying anything.

How strange!

my story

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