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Mille notti di serenitá Faró quello che mi chiederai Andró sempre dovunque tu andrai Daró tutto lamore che ho Desisnya pelan sembari membekap geletar rasa tak terkatakan tak pelak rindu menusuk di relung terdalam menjatuhkan hujan rintik perlahan "Apa kau sedang jatuh cinta?" tanya malam Ia menggeleng pelan, menyahut dalam sunyi bahwa ia tak mengerti rasa ini Yang acap bergelombang, riuh rendah menukik perasaaan Membuat leleh sebagian ketegaran Untuk tak menanya kabar sang pejalan jauh Meski hanya lewat bait doa yang diurai Pada detik sujudnya dihampar Kala bening menggayut ujung malam Done 05.53 Suddenly missing Trib pic copas from

God's Math

In God's eyes, one plus one isn't equal two One plus one can be multiplied a thousand times that you imagine One plus one may be empty no value, beyond reason Is God completely strange ? Not really Only God's mathematic is more sophisticated than our God's accuracy beyond the reach of human thought


I already written a letter for you you just drop and keep it on top of your desk for what, I'm not a meaningless inanimate objects Its useless to display it as a heritage Iqra ', iqra'! So you can gain knowledge and meaning of 114 letters


A discordant adzan calls me home Questioned me what I want in life, whether I was satisfied with the tip of knowledge I got as if I plucked from a long sleep it sink in and flowing in my blood slowly pumping a desire again to learn about God's teachings after years I immersed in the satisfaction that I have sufficient understanding So when I jump back into it I feel myself small, almost insignificant I feel that I have been bragging In fact, I realized that I have no knowledge even though its just the tip of my nail