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See, i lost my capability in english. I never use it anymore since 2005. Sometimes Anin's mom talk to me in english, but not often. It happens if I come to her house. How pity I'am.Puff!!
But I push my self to read english literature since i have a purpose to continue my old story. It was about surfer girl.
And you know what, i laugh after read surfing handbook. OH MY GOD! I dont know the meaning exactly. I dont understand a lot of words, guys? So i just guess what's the meaning!
Huahahaha. But its ok. I think i should go forward, and never stop to do it. This handbook
gives me a good lesson actually. And what about you? Is your english better now? Or worst?

*kalo ada salah tulis, kesalahan bukan pada mata anda tapi kekurangan saya